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About Us

ALYES strive to provide the best education in an Islamic rich environment where Islamic thought, practice, culture and knowledge of Islam are the dominant factors of the school curriculum. Our main goal is to inculcate the sentiments of believing in the superiority of Allah, devotion to the prophet, desire to acquire the Islamic knowledge and adaptation of Islamic life style among the young learners.

At ALYES, children are memorizing Holy Quran along with the education on the pattern of Cambridge system of studies so that they can become the role model for others.


  • To provide students a balanced education in a caring and well- ordered Islamic environment.
  • Develop a love of learning and a determination to try their best, and to become life-long learners.
  • Develop an understanding of the Islamic Faith, and to foster spiritual growth, encourage respect for self, peers, adults and the environment.
  • Place Islamic values at the centre of our daily life that accentuate all the relationships we develop.
  • Teach Islamic Studies& Quran as part of the curriculum.
  • Provide a broad and balanced creative curriculum, well differentiated, committed to achieving each child’s unique potential.
  • Support children’s personal development and behavior according to Islamic principles.
  • Develop self esteem, self discipline and a sense of responsibility in children, in order to encourage confidence, independent decision making and thinking.

Our Mission

Our target is to in part round religious and secular knowledge, and to Inculcate the true spirits of Islam, to instill self discipline, high moral character and Academic excellence through the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah is a stimulating And challenging learning environment.
Children at early ages are admitted to this department. Here children spend there years, where they are taught Musnoon Duas and Qaida with Islamic techniques Students who have not opted for Hifz are taught all the contemporary subjects like English, Urdu, Maths, Science, Gk, Computer and Arabic along with Qaida.
Our philosophy is based upon our belief that children move through stages of development based on their knowledge and experiences.
We believe that children must have a positive self-concept to become competent learners.


  • To propagate the knowledge of Deen i.e. Quran and Hadith to enlighten the lives of Young Muslims.
  • To provide complete Galactic education, contemporary and religious both to fulfill the requirements of Deen as well as the needs of the time.
  • To give them an opportunity to know the correct orders of Islam.
  • To ensure quality education through the latest teaching methodologies under the guidance of competent teachers.
  • To provide congenial environment for the growth and development of body, mind and soul.
  • To rectify the behavior and coach the pupils according to the Deen .

ALYES espouses a balanced and integrated holistic education with hifz-e-quran.
ALYES offer rapid catch-up classes for those who complete their hifz from different institute.
ALYES gives the provision of acquiring a balanced education that is of religion and life.
ALYES students grow up in an Islamic environment, where students memorize quran, duas, and acquire Islamic moral character and positive behavior.